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DVD + CD Sortie d'Usine

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Documentary BLED MUSIQUE A L'USINE + compilation: Cheikh Sidi Bémol, Gaâda, Thalweg, Samira Brahmia, Djamel Laroussi, Orchestre National de Barbès...

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DVD + CD Sortie d'Usine

SORTIE D'USINE (Factory exit): 1 CASKET DVD + CD (SeafilmS ProductionS)

SORTIE D'USINE is a creation "pluri-media" around the artists of L'USINE.
The production of a " common work " connecting the artists of the film BLED-MUSIC A L'USINE and the musical production of the artists of Louzine comes to prolong the links which weaved between the artists Louzine and the team of Seafilms Productions.
This CASKET seemed to us carrier of the sense, essential, allowing to value as well the film work of the film of Samia Chala and Sid Ahmed Semiane as the pieces of music of the artists of Louzine.

1 documentary film + 8 artists' portraits in bonus
Samia Chala and Sid Ahmed Semiane's film
Louzine is a place which federates several musics and several fates. Here work women and men who grouped together around the control of their instruments and who are all almost stemming from the same reality: the exile.
Louzine is the Mecca of sound tolerance. The music gnawa cheek with the rock and the blues, the chaâbi be on first-name terms with the jazz, the Kabyle music dances with the Celtic tones. Here groups such as the National Orchestra of Barbès, Zerda, Thalweg, Gaâda, Sheik Sidi Bémol, builds itself in a fertile coeducation where get involved cheerfully the Breton bagpipes and the qarqabous from the Maghreb and where the free improvisations are next to the traditional and unchanging tunes. Songs in Arabic, in kabyle, in French or in English, often full of humor tell the small village, the love, the hope, the everyday life, the life. Melting pot of an independent and demanding production, where invent new tones which acquired an international audience, Louzine is above all a space of creation and freedom.

8 Louzine artists' portraits
Azenzar - Cheikh Sidi Bémol - Gaâda Diwane de Béchar - Samia Diar - Samira
Brahmia - Yaness - Zalamite - Zerda

A compilation of 20 titles of the artists of Louzine
Cheikh Sidi Bémol - Gaâda Diwane de Béchar - Thalweg - Samia Diar - Fatima
Groove - Samira Brahmia - Gnw System - Paname Tropical - Azenzar - Yaness -
Djamel Laroussi - Youcef - Zalamite - Zerda - Orchestre National de Barbès.

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DVD + CD Sortie d'Usine

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