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For this 14th album, L'ATTIRAIL, still led by Xavier Demerliac, extends its music of the great outdoors in a Road Trip across the Great Plains.
CD L'Attirail - Road To Grasslands
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15.00 €
The new breath of Aures (Algeria)
CD Iwal - Hamghart
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15.00 €
Chouf ! is a rock record, a real one, flowing with energies that irrigate the veins of a unique artist
CD Sidi Bemol - Chouf!
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15.00 €
For this 13th album, L'ATTIRAIL, still led by Xavier Demerliac, broadens its music from the great outdoors.
CD L'Attirail - Footsteps In The Snow
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15.00 €
The Guappecarto pay tribute to this "emigrated love", which fears neither barriers nor travel, and which exceeds space and time
CD Guappecarto - Sambol Amore Migrante
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9.98 €
This twelfth album, both burlesque and sensitive,  flirts with  ska music in  a free  and joyful way.
CD L'Attirail - How To Swim In The Desert
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12.00 €