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Book Elho - Zembrek 1
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14.99 € 8.79
Texts kabyle, translations, complete scores and illustrations.
Book Sheikh Sidi Bemol - Kabyle Sailors Songs 1, Izlan Ibahriyen
Product available
This dumb comic strip is the illustration of the song Taqsit Uberri extracted from the album Songs of the Kabyle Sailors Vol. 1
Book Sheikh Sidi Bemol - Uberri by Elho Comics 70 pages
Product available
9.99 € 7.00
A poetic journey from the land of Mali, interspersed with the gentle melancholy of Abou Diarra’s kamale n’goni and Nicolas Repac’s urban vibrations.
CD Abou Diarra - Koya
Product available
Casket of 4 albums for the fiftieth anniversary of the Independence (Musiques Arabo-andalouse, du Bedoui au Rai, Chanson kabyles, Chaabi) NDH MUSIC
CD ALGERIA: Rebel Musics 1930-1962
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Consisted of Paul Sidibé, Marc Minelli and Damien Traini, this trio proposes a surprising meeting between the African earth and New York electricity.
CD Electro Bamako - Now
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The Guappecarto pay tribute to this "emigrated love", which fears neither barriers nor travel, and which exceeds space and time
CD Guappecarto - Sambol Amore Migrante
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